Imagine a world with shiny and highly stylized media. Where every component has its own set of perfectly marketable and certifiable theory. Super-polished GFX with state-of-the art visualization, texts that are as well-researched as mankind’s stupidity and driven by unique content with a creativity that rivals that of a 100-year-old business magnate. Film with so stupendous production value that they could easily host a Fourth and Fifth World on set. Well, there might not be too much of a message or personality, but who cares if the ride is soo much fun? Sounds like something you’d strum your banjo to? Dear Sir or Madam, do I have sensational news for you: no need to pack your bags, you’ve already arrived. Welcome to the 21st Century.

For those, though, who like their tea spicy and steaming-hot, I might have just the alternative. If you’re into rich colors and beautiful shapes, but also have an ardent aspiration for stories with more substance and honest human ambivalence (even in marketing!), you’ve made the right call by dropping by. Get ready for the Otherworld!

agolex. the zero power digital agency.

agolex is All In in terms of creative media for an otherworldly marketing experience. As a full service digital agency to the power of zero (that is just me, one insanely ambitious guy) with an absolutely one-dimensional hierarchy (beat that in terms of flatness!) and the most awesome CEO of the multiverse, I am setting sail for the High Seas of Glorious Capitalism. My targeted audience: small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, artists, crafters – you get the gist. Unlike other advertising agencies I’m not too sold on the whole Gorilla Marketing shebang. While admittedly a little bit better, Guerrilla Marketing doesn’t get me through the day with excitement, either. And, oh boy, you better leave me alone with Guerilla Marketing. I’m no authority on Viral Marketing, I’d prefer to stay in the green zone of just telling humble stories. So, let’s stop talking about me and get to the core: you and your business (or whatever it is that you want to tell others about). The agolex marketing approach is individualistic, but straightforward. Together we will aim at creating a creative and personalized concept with the help of video marketing and other media. With an approach that doesn’t try to sell your business as a saintly, flawless corporationesque entity. Instead, we’ll tell a direct and individualistic story about you, the people you work with, your workspace, your methods – whatever it is that you want others to know about your business. This way, you will have something unique to get back to. My zero power digital agency is good for a full service package without big disclaimers and doublespeak. Furthermore, all my services are offered in English and German.

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B2B- incl. Video Marketing, Copywriting, Photography, Audio, Web Design

I will do creative writing, photo teasers, videos / films, audio recordings (I will even be your not-so-professional speaker – from over-the-top performances to incredibly charismatic (whatever that’s supposed to mean…) storytelling) and compact B2B marketing concepts with a CMS-powered website for you. As a mobile and flexible photographer, filmmaker / director of photography, copywriter / copyeditor, storyteller and online editor I will meet your every need (oooh, well, I’m not sooo sure about that…). I love being a creative professional and as your one man digital agency I am happy to be involved in every single step up to the final product. This grants me an excellent overview, which your typical highly specialized digital agency contact might not have. I am one-third digital media designer, one-third ad guy and one-third aspiring web guru. On top of that, though, I’m three-thirds human being and no-third institution. All in all, that’s SIX THIRDS I’m willing to throw in. You can’t beat that now, can you? (oh, the wordplays!) I really want you to be happy with the final product, no matter, whether it’s to be seen on your website, in social media or even on TV. I will be your guide and mentor on the way there and I’ll make sure you’ll get all the critical information you’ll need to decide wisely. No matter if small or medium business owner, freelancer, artist, crafter, restaurateur, health professional, psychologist or psychopath (excuse the pun), you are very welcome!

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International Scope

Academically I’ve ventured into the Humanities (English, scandinavian studies, philosophy, history). I’m pretty sure now that I’m not built for scientific methodology, but I sure learned a few things about different languages and cultures during my studies. I’m familiar with the USA and Great Britain and consider myself an avid participator in their cultures (literature, film, humor). My art and craft incorporate that knowledge and I’m very keen about all the little things that make  people feel at home in a specific setting. I’ll help you create messages that give people a feeling of familiarity or tend to their desire of getting in touch with a culture they are interested in. Also, I’ll assist you with translations and existing texts in English and German that could do with a little bit more flavor.

Individualistic and technically apt media creation

Not only do I offer creative marketing with a twist, unconventional films and videos and other humorous media, I also provide you with the technical web basics you can hardly do without in modern society. I’ll be by your side in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), so you can really deliver your message through the GOOGLE search. For that I use WORDPRESS and solid, easy-to-use plugins. This way, if that is your wish, I can show you how to optimize and edit your webpage all by yourself.

You’ll get the whole amazing full-service-one-man-digital-agency-experience-from-outer-space (TM – I wish!). I will cover all bases for you – including hosting and domains.

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Coaching: the less fancy consulting

For all my fields of expertise – i.e. media creation (photography, film / video, copywriting / copyediting and web design (online editing, search engine optimization and marketing (SEO / SEM) – I offer advice and coaching. We’ll cover all the important subjects for you and your business via phone, instant messenger, remote desktop or at your place (if you’re on the other side of the globe or don’t have a private jet plane handy to come and get me, I suggest we use the digital means of communication). I’m happy to do courses and workshops on location as well.

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The paradigms are about to fall

Now it’s high time to get the right marketing! Should you feel like spicing up the face of your business with illustrious media that transcend paradigms and are capable of stirring up even the gods of Mount Olympus, hesitate not for the flavior has arrived! (sure hope they don’t lynch me for this one…) With mind-blowing photos, marketing videos / films, stellar audio productions and neat copywriting we can tell stories of homerian proportions that will be a great help in bringing your products and services to life and showing the world the passion that brought you into your business in the first place. Don’t just sell stuff, when you can get others excited about what you do!

Ready for the Otherworld? Contact me and let’s bring it on!

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agolex – nur echt mit dem x!