Man, marketing guru, mentalist and mystery. The mastermind behind the masterfully ambitious multimedia massif agolex is usually mentioned along the lines of visionaries such as Aristotle, Genghis Khan and ‘that guy behind the counter’. He’s been in the business for several hundred years and has no intention of stopping.

About me – Doctor Agolex with the noteable nose

Finally. Now I get to talk about what I cherish and love the most: me, myself and I! Well, I guess, I’m not THAT egocentric, so let’s skip the platitudes and get down to business. Who’s that guy?

Me name be Alexander, I’m almost 50 (34) and I believe wholeheartedly in the power of creativity. This should be sufficient, but hey, I’ll throw in something extra. I consider myself a freethinker and try to cling to what little liberty there is and not take any of it away from others. I like to try and try and try out stuff and leave behind things that don’t keep my interest at bay over longer periods of time. At long last – and after having suffered through a system that doesn’t like individualism too much – I’ve found something I absolutely want to do professionally: a freelance activity where I can work with people rather than functionaries. Where I can do whatever I want and pay the people the amount of respect and attention that I see fit – and not what I’m told to.

What more is there to talk about, you’ll have to get to know me in person.

Let’s get creative!

Der Nasenmann

Der Nasenmann