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Sharing is caring. That’s why I’m oh so generous to give away all my hard-earned wisdom – for a price! I have a plethora of decadent and expensive hobbies to finance – um my bad, a multitude of specialist literature is what I wanted to write.

Coaching Online Marketing and Creative Design

Let’s get together for coaching in marketing and talk about all the things web design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and how they can help you with developing your business. We could talk specifically about photography, what the different focal lengths do for your pictures, what filters to use and for what purposes. Or about film and videos and cinematography, how to create moods with color grading or what equipment to get for your budget and story. About the even more technical stuff like workflows, codecs and whatnot. We can explore the possibilities of creative writing and story telling. At first, we’ll have to find out if a coaching will even be sensible or if your questions are answered with a simple link to a website. I don’t want you to pay me for something that has already been answered and is easily accessible to you.

Workshops and Teaching

If you want to bring certain subjects to the attention of your staff or others, I also do workshops and teaching on location. Since this takes quite a while to prepare, please get to me at least 2 to 3 months in advance, so we can find out if I have the right programs for you. My last course I taught in creative writing and it was a 2-day course (1 day lecture, 1 day workshop). My teaching style is quite liberal, I like to motivate people to try out things, have them do tasks from a number of different options and then coach them individually.

Check out the text samples section for the German script I wrote for that purpose.

Where, how and when?

I will coach online via instant messenger, remote desktop or eMail, by phone or we can just meet someplace comfortable (your place, a café or my place) and go through the subjects there.

Just get in touch!