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So, what has this website been missing up till now? Famous quotes, right! Time to deliver, then. Eagleton? Nah, don’t worry, I was thinking about something a little bit more exciting. “A good number of works owe their success to the mediocrity of their authors’ ideas, which match the mediocrity of those of the general public.” Nicolas Chamfort.  Not too bad for the 18th century, eh? Let’s be passionately mediocre!

Mediocre Copywriter and Translator from Outer Space

Stunning videos, pictures and audio are great, but what would these be without text and thus language? They wouldn’t – fair enough. Film, paintings, photos, all of art would be pretty much completely irrelevant if people didn’t talk or think about them. So it’s safe to assume that in the beginning there is a textual concept. Without getting too ontological, mind you, I’m no scientific person. This means: you better have some kind of idea what all the stuff is about. Writing helps tremendously with that ambition. What isn’t created, doesn’t exist. Therefore I suggest to just get going and create something personal to you without worrying too much about what others might think. I’m your squire in the copywriting and translation department, should you need some inspiration.

Unscientific writing without boundaries

I’ll write for you. Pretty much everything that isn’t supposed to be too dry or scientific. I’m very flexible with my writing. No matter if you need something supposedly eloquent and descriptive, something pragmatically and easily digestible or rather something journalistically concise, I’m your guy. I offer copywriting for marketing and other purposes, prose/poetry, you name it. I might refrain from writing microwave manuals, though. My mission: apply some easiness and humor wherever possible.

Translation (English <-> German) and localisation

I’m a native German speaker, but I love English so much and will be happy to write and translate for you in either language. Although I’m mostly versed in American English, I’m pretty much interested in Great Britain as well, so feel free to ask for local specificities. The same goes for German dialects. Just contact me and we’ll see if I can cater to your needs. I’ll gladly localize and improve existing texts as well.

Online copyediting

If you just need copyediting, I can be of service, too. I will do mere correcting and editing, but also delve into stylistic matters. Your content management system loves attention.


Here you’ll find some of my previous works.

And here’s a few texts in German I wrote for different occasions.

Ready for the otherworldly writing experience? Drop me a line!