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Film. A medium as rich and celebrated as they get. Stories about our everyday lives, highly polished pieces of prestige, welcome works of diversion or experiments in art. Possibly all at the same time. Infinity is the limit when pictures start moving and talking, are given contextual depth. Medium for flamboyant individualists such as Sergei Eisenstein, Fritz Lang and F. W. Murnau in the days of yore, it now is a gigantic pop-phenomenon and most beloved industrial enterprise. Especially the internet wouldn’t be the same without it. Proportionally epic or as an exciting short trip into the extraordinary, one ambition is almost always shared: it’s supposed to instill, elicit emotion and leave its subtle or less subtle message to stay.

agolex b2b video marketing: individualistic and impactful

Sometimes a still life doesn’t do the trick. With added sound and a story to transcend the now, video and film can do much more for you and your business. Where would we be without all the storytelling? Without imagining the different lives we could be living and the expensive stuff we could be consuming. We probably wouldn’t be working in a bank or administration now, would we? We’d much rather be sitting under a nice tree chewing away on some scrumptious protein-heavy tree inhabitants. How barbaric and utterly despicable would that be?! I leave that for you to decide. Anyways, I digest, um, digress. Seeing that you already have that nice small or medium business of yours or you’re a freelancer, crafter, artist or some such, you might as well tell a few stories and get people to like your enterprise. Show your future customers what you’re all about. Thanks to the digital revolution cinematographically pleasing film is now affordable for smaller businesses and while you’re telling an exciting story, you might as well make sure that it looks darn good.

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Video Marketing from Outer Space (TM)

(totally monumental, but without trademark)

My personal approach to video marketing is quite simplistic. I stand for honest messages and an accurate portrayal of you and your business personality. I dislike supposedly ultra-clean corporations that tell you they’re here to “save the trees, save the bees, save the whales, save those snails” (thanks to George Carlin and may you rest in peace!). No, you’re not saving anyone, you’re trying to make a profit, so could you please be at least a little bit honest about that? There you have it, that’s what I’m trying to do: establish a little bit of honesty, even in marketing. I mean, c’mon, do you really think all people are buying your holistic sustainability slogans? So, if you’re with me, marketing-wise, we’re going to tell a nice little story about you, your workplace, your employees, your products your work methods and ethics – not about all the stuff you can’t and won’t do. Doctor Agolex says: “Get your grip on reality and enjoy the ride with sufficient amounts of humor and lightheadedness!”

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Co-productive effort to bring your message to life

No one knows your business better than you do. That’s why I won’t consult you on stuff that isn’t technical, but rather stylistic and personal. I will be much more of a coach, so that the final product will be something personal you really love and are eager to show to everyone. If you didn’t skip the last part, chances are you’re not at war with honesty, which is all I ask on my behalf. I won’t tell you what’s best or smartest or funniest, these are all matters of taste. I will tell you what we can do to achieve A and B and C. I will encourage you to be brave with the ideas you love, no matter what others might have said to you to discourage you from doing what you think is awesome. You will never create something that everyone dearly loves – no one will ever achieve that. But you can very well do something that many people will really care about and that’s not the same run-of-the-mill stuff day-in, day-out. I will be your guide on that path and your adviser in terms of cinematography and storytelling.

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Director of Photograhpy (DP)

For smallish projects I’m happy to provide just my services as a Director of Photography – either following the US or the UK paradigm. I will tend to everything cinematography and see to it that your direction gets good advise in technical and visually-creative terms. A beautiful picture always helps to elevate your artistic endeavors.

Bild Naturarbeit | agolex, die ein-mann-medienagentur mit biss und bauch.

Post production and editing

After Principal Photography (the film shooting itself), we’re headed for editing and post production. It is here that the video gets what it needs to work. Usually nothing is shot as it will be seen later on, the whole story is only being created in post production. That’s why post production almost always takes as long as shooting (many times even much longer). We’ll inspect the Dailies (the stuff that we’ve recorded during principal photography), get it in shape via an NLE (Non-Linear Editing System, a software for digital video production), for a first raw cut and add the audio. Video and audio need editing and refinement, VFX (visual effects) like titles, digital effects (integrated photographs) or chroma keying (green screen replacement) is added and the color grading (accurate color reproduction calibration and creative choices on coloring) has to be done – this way, in the end everything will look close to what you had imagined. The final product then has to be mixed and rendered for delivery. Soon the results of your new video marketing will show.

Technical stuff

How much you will be involved in technical decisions is up to you. You don’t have to know about any of the above steps, but if you’d like to give specific input, I’ll be happy to comply. What equipment will be used is a matter of preference and budget. I own a Blackmagic Cinema Camera with a set of prime lenses. It records in 2.5K raw or in Apple ProRes. I’m not a fan of 4K yet, it’s too bulky and expensive. That’s just a matter of time, though, it will come to be the new standard. For now I suggest the good old 1080p in 24 frames per second (for that nice film) look for delivery. 1080p does look sharper, if its scaled down properly from 4K, but again, it makes the whole process more resource and time intensive. I can rent whatever equipment we need to make your vision come true, but you will have to pay extra for that.

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Bild Technisches | agolex, die ein-mann-medienagentur mit biss und bauch.

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