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Images can tell stories that are globally understood. They convey concepts and emotions to connect people. No matter if it’s simple portraiture, pictures of work environments or methods that tell you more about people and the businesses they run or even high art that kindles discussion of epic proportions. One thing seems certain: in our fast moving and highly digital world it’s hard to get attention without them.

A Mobile Photographer For Atmospheric Statements

Use pictures to create atmosphere. Show the world from a different view. With the right methods, equipment and a creative mind you can transfer ordinary places into extraordinary locations and thus allow people to see their neighborhood in different, magical ways. Via symbolism photography can  reproduce complex structures without needing much space and time. I’ll gladly offer my services as a mobile photographer in and around Cologne and Bonn (I’m located in Alfter, Rhein-Sieg-Kreis), but also globally (if, for whatever reason, that’s your wish).

Bild Wer hat das Längste? | agolex, die ein-mann-medienagentur mit biss und bauch.

 Mine is the longest!

Personality Beats Production Value

Just having more of everything might not help you, though. You’ll need the right stuff! People tend to get bored pretty easily these days and you’re much more likely to succeed with media that tell a different story or tell something everydayish differently. Having the same stock photos all over the web isn’t exactly exciting. Do you really need that picture of the frenetically grinning lady with the headset for your support page? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need something sensational, but please make it personal! How about your chubby admin enjoying his chocolate while thinking that nobody’s watching or something like that? The market thrives through diversity and businesses that make crazy products or just do things differently. Be brave enough to show your nerdy side and your personality! I’ll be your photographer for that matter.

Nifty gimmicks as an aside: Time Lapse and Stop Motion

To offer something more than just plain ordinary photography you might want to try something different: Time Lapse and Stop Motion techniques offer yet another individualistic perspective on things. Single pictures (which can be exposed however you prefer) are taken and then processed via specific software to provide you with a video. You get extremely high resolution and can even portray situations in extremely low light scenarios. Processes that take minutes or hours can be shown in mere seconds (Time Lapse) and via Stop Motion inanimate objects can be brought to life. Check out one of my time lapses.

Smart use of media and openness towards your customers

You can’t maximize your professionalism just by getting more certificates and better ratings. Supposedly intersubjective testimonials are problematic in times with countless lobbyists and paid spin doctors. Don’t surrender popular opinion about you and your business to social media consultants and companies that are merely in it for profit. Work hard for your customers, be frank about things and prove them time and again that you can deliver. That’s the best marketing you can get. Add individual media to get others to learn about you and your message, not to trick them into spending their money on you.

Ready to get shot? Just tell me.