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Never joke when talking about money. You should always draw a straight line between professional and private stuff. Because nothing is more relaxing than to leave all your manners and thoughtful behavior at home to be a strict-business professional. That way we can all enjoy our company and understand what’s going on in the minds of our business partners. *coughs*

Prices Video Marketing and Other Services

I can’t tell you flat-rate prices for products and services that have to be specifically tailored to your needs. I will always calculate responsible quotes, so you know what you’re up to financially. Just contact me and we’ll find out about an estimate for your project.

Considering that I usually work alone, I can safely say that I’m generally cheaper than real agencies, though of course I might not be able to offer the exact same feats. E.g., I can’t use huge amounts of lighting and I try to do as much as possible with available light. That entails that you’re video marketing probably won’t look like an Haute Couture ad.

For art and real charity projects I’m very flexible in terms of pricing.

Just get in touch with me for an individual quote and we’ll find a solution.