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The last ingredient for multimedia is audio. Interestingly enough it’s something that quite often is thought of at last. You’re off to the movies, hear crystal clear voices, sensational effects and explosions, ever so subtly in the background there’s a small stream rippling. Usually no one appreciates that. But sound engineering is very complex and you will never get away with bad audio. Professional sound engineers are well sought-after and essential for bigger productions.

Professional speaker with a vengeance

I’ll read and record almost anything you can think of. I’m not trained in professional speaking, but I’ve read countless books and plays over the years and have always tried to get the best out of my voice. I love to instill crazy characters with life and do diverse impressions. I’m planning on speaking and producing my own ebook next.

Small audio productions and editing

I’m no trained sound professional and I don’t have a professional audio studio with equipment in the 100.000s. I’m a film and multimedia enthusiast and I strive to get the most out of my humble audio equipment, so my creations sound decent. I can’t do surround sound for instance, because I lack the needed equipment and expertise. I will offer:

  • simple audio editing (cutting, processing with noise reduction and stuff like that)
  • simple non-studio recording (dialogue, ambient sound etc.)
  • studio-like voice recording


I usually produce in 24-bit depth and 48 or 96-kHz sampling rate (wave) and I’ll deliver whatever format you need.

Eager to enter the sound realm? Go for it!